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We are a consulting company based in Colombia

In which we carry out projects at the Latin American level in various sectors and industries.


At Aluna Sustainability we have built a methodology that has been called ALUNA®, represents the culmination of over a decade of refinement and stands as our company's cornerstone knowledge asset. Developed through more than 30 years of combined corporate, academic, and fieldwork experiences, it has been significantly enriched by international dialogues in various forums and conferences, where we have actively advocated for the fusion of social insights with data engineering.

Our missional purpose

We accompany our clients in the structuring, execution, and effective communication of sustainability governance strategies, social management, and stakeholder engagement, making the planned and occurred effects and impacts measurable and evident, and transversally integrating the formal management of risk and the comprehensive approach to respect for human rights.

We are Aluna®. We are knowledge and evolution.

Our Methodology

We have a proprietary methodology –ALUNA®, on which three key business lines are developed:

Discover what the processes, techniques and tools of the structure ofALUNA® allows us to do

The ALUNA® methodology was built more than 10 years ago and is the main knowledge asset of our company.

Registered in 2018 and safeguarded by copyright under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, Aluna® offers a comprehensive 360° perspective encompassing sustainability, social responsibility, community engagement, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and human rights.

Aluna® empowers organizations to articulate their aspirations and strategically plan for sustainability, incorporating sector-specific challenges and risks into their strategies, aligning with market demands, assessing the maturity of their processes, and integrating the development of critical competencies across their value chain.

As a versatile toolbox, Aluna® facilitates the design of measurable and attainable plans or roadmaps, aids in project planning, and enables the monitoring and evaluation of results in terms of business benefits, efficiency, and effectiveness.

At Aluna®, we leverage this methodology in both consulting and academic and technological endeavors. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in their knowledge expansion, experience enhancement, and ongoing advancement.

Our clients

Where we have carried out projects for our clients

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Next, we present a list of experiences, which presents the diversity of clients and projects that have applied the ALUNA© methodology both in Colombia and in other Latin American countries, and although there is an exhaustive detail, we consider that they are relevant for our experience and international journey to be recognized.

Why Aluna Sustainability?


Because we have demonstrated the quality of our work and the potential of our methodology, which is registered with intellectual property.

Because we are internationally recognized as strong experts in stakeholder, impact and risk management, as well as in human rights issues, development projects, impact measurement and data management with analytics and dashboards, applied to the social context in an innovative way.

Because we have experience in multiple sectors, we have carried out research and design projects in government entities and we are recognized as a boutique innovation consultancy.

Because we combine experience, knowledge, practice and academia to always be at the forefront of new methodological and social value trends.

Projects that we have structured

Communities that have been the subject of our studies

Companies that have

believed in us

Aluna® experiences

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