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About Aluna Sustainability®

Our mission is to create value by integrating sustainability, social responsibility, and human rights criteria into our social, environmental, and core business governance strategy.

We are passionate about formulating, implementing, measuring, and evaluating various socio-environmental intervention strategies based on socio-economic and cultural contexts.

We firmly believe that decisions should be grounded in a profound analysis of the quality of relationships with stakeholders, the impacts caused, risks, and the value created for the benefit of all parties involved.

We communicate in alignment with best practices, using a simple yet profound manner, and employ a management model grounded in data analytics.

We are a Colombia-based company renowned as the premier strategic partners for top-tier enterprises, providing expertise in strategy, alignment, governance capacity building, reputation management, sustainability, and ESG throughout Latin America.

About us

Aluna Consultancy
Aluna Education
Aluna Technology

Aluna Sustainability (ALUNA) is a Colombian consulting company that has a proprietary methodology – Aluna®, on which three key business lines are developed:

  • Aluna Consultancy, which brings strategic solutions on issues of social responsibility, sustainability and shared value to clients from all industries and sectors in Latin America. Through Aluna®, clients obtain a methodological framework, a toolbox, an experiential experience and a transfer of use and application, obtaining strategic, tactical and operational value which allows them to align themselves with international standards of social, environmental, corporate governance or human rights performance, both for the management of all the concepts integrated into the business, as well as for their reporting -effectively, efficiently and timely- and always based on evidence.


  • Aluna Education, which brings expert knowledge to people and organizations, delivering concepts, processes, techniques and tools included in ALUNA® in different training formats, in-house or open, on cutting-edge topics and always key to sustainability management.

  • Aluna Technology, which brings proprietary or partner digital solutions to connect business needs to technology, in order to achieve, in the context of sustainability, solve information and data management problems, integrating big data and artificial intelligence.

Our team

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Systems engineer

MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Accounting, and Auditing

Project Management Professional (PMP®)

Edna Liliana Rodríguez - CEO and Founder | Manager, Consultant, Engineer, and Educator

Experience: Sustainability, project management, social responsibility, sustainability and community investment, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), risk management, human rights, cumulative impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, data analytics, resettlement.


Rita Elena Díaz - Senior Consultant

Degree in Business Administration with a professional career of 20 years in various sectors. Specialized in project management for the development of sustainable communities, as well as in social risk management, quality and environmental systems. She has experience in both internal and external auditing. In addition, she teaches management systems for higher education students.


Alexis Omar Pérez - Senior Consultant

Law Degree, specialized in Foreign Trade and Customs for 7 years, with experience in the area of Social Development. Experience cemented in key roles as Secretary of Social Management and Business Liaison in various civil associations, where he has led initiatives focused on strengthening communities through collaboration between the social and business sector.


Adán Camilo López - Data Analytics Consultant

Mathematician and economist from Universidad del Norte. He has experience in Data Automation, Cloud Engineering, ML models, BI tools and Data Analysis. He has worked in Social Listening projects, research projects in macroeconomics, and creation and automation of dashboards to track KPIs.


Sebastián Delgado - Data Analytics Consultant

Professional in economics from the Universidad Externado de Colombia with experience in the public sector in the work of labor market indicators as well as economic research. He currently works in data analytics through various statistical programs and different data visualization tools.

foto-juan david2.png

Juan David Hurtado - Design Consultant

Interactive Media Designer from ICESI University in Cali Colombia, with professional experience in graphic identity design, editorial and web layout, user experience (UX), visual communication and user interfaces (UI) and in social and design consulting projects. He currently works as a full time designer at Aluna Sustainability.

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Linda M. Martínez - Administrative Coordinator

Professional with more than 15 years of experience in coordination of administrative-logistical-operational activities, in consulting projects, POMCAS design and update of the Watershed Management Plan. Tugboat Planner, Marine Operations in PBV La Guajira. Programming for maintenance of CAT 240 and CAT 190 equipment, carrying out their respective telemetries.

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