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Aluna + Technology

Aluna Technology

We specialize in providing customized digital solutions, whether developed in-house or in collaboration with strategic partners, to address specific business needs and leverage technology for sustainability. Our focus is on solving challenges related to information and data management, integrating technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. This way, we help organizations optimize their processes, make informed decisions, and progress towards their sustainability goals more efficiently and effectively.

Digital strategy services

Data management and analytics

A. Survey CTO. We are experts in leveraging the most reliable, secure, and scalable data collection platform, used globally by international organizations, NGOs, and development agencies.

B. Generation of georeferenced information, with the ability to establish multiple layers associated with social investment in territories or specific actions to be highlighted.

C. Data management and analytics using the most widely used tools, such as Python, and generating dashboards like PowerBI or Tableau, with structured data models that allow transferring control to the IT areas of our clients.

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